Barnadas Huang

is a contemporary fine art gallery in Singapore, with a strong focus on some of the top established and emerging artists in Europe today. Founded by partners Abigail Wong and Benjamin Ng, in collaboration with Barcelona native Jordi Barnadas, Barnadas Huang is the sister gallery of the influential GalerĂ­a Jordi Barnadas.

Barnadas Huang aims to establish its identity as a leading art gallery in Asia, by engaging both new and existing generations of art collectors looking to explore the exciting territory of contemporary European fine art.

Abigail Wong

One of the co-founders of Barnadas Huang, Abigail works closely with individual artists and our many other international partners to increase our presence in the Asia Pacific region.

Benjamin Ng

An experienced art collector, Benjamin represents the gallery at international art fairs. He is also the content editor for Barnadas Huang.

Weiren Loh

As gallery director, Weiren oversees our day to day operations in Singapore. Together with Jordi, he curates the exhibitions for the gallery. He also conducts talks on various topics on art at the gallery.

Jordi Barnadas

With over 20 years of experience in the European art market, Jordi is the artistic director of Barnadas Huang. He currently lives and works in Barcelona.

Rachel Chin

As the resident art consultant, Rachel works with individuals and corporations in the curating, acquisition and care of their collections. She consults with clients looking to acquire artwork for their personal or public spaces.