Ulpiano Carrasco

Ulpiano Carrasco is one of the most recognisable artists in Spain, and whose works have been described as approximating modern Van Gogh paintings. His bold paintings are distinctly expressionist but tempered by a colourful Impressionist palette, and give life to traditional genres such as landscapes and still life. His cityscapes are vivid and incandescent, transforming these cities into living and breathing creatures themselves.

Ulpiano's works are exhibited regularly in Spain, France, England, Belgiuum, Miami, Seoul, Monaco, Dubai and Geneva. His works may be found in many prestigious public collections, including the Toledo Museum of Contemporary Art, the Spanish Contemporary Engraving Museum, Fundación Caja de Navarra, Fundación Caja Madrid, the Fundación Banco CCM, Fundación Antonio Pérez, the Gregorio Prieto Foundation, and the Estevez Group Collection.

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