Miguel Ponticu

Miguel Ponticu is a renowned sculptor heavily inspired by organic shapes and forms. While his sculpting career was originally based principally around the creation of busts of important people within politics and society, both on a regional and national scale, his later series of works draw inspiration from nature.

Miguel's sculptors have earned him public recognition. He has been commissioned to build many public monuments, including a six-metre high, twenty-five tonne sculpture that he completed and set up in Oviedo in 2003, an homage to the oak tree. His works may be found in museums in Spain and the United States, as well as in various high-profile private collections globally.

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Yellow Oak
The Walnut Tree of Pilar
Living the Amazon
The Grate of Pilu
Betula Blue
Scratching the Sky (Orange)
A Garden in NY
Cutting the Sky of Cabueñes
Scratching the Sky (Pink)
Marling Tail