Paco Ferrando

Paco Ferrando is a master hyperrealist who is recognised in Europe for his photograph-like paintings of the ocean. Born in Alicante, he graduated with a degree in painting from the St George School of Fine Arts in Barcelona. Thereafter, Paco travelled to the Netherlands to study Dutch and Flemish painting. He then relocated to Madrid, in which he joined the Spanish realism movement and took part in diverse and collective exhibitions throughout Europe. He returned to Barcelona in 2001, and now paints in his studio in Calella.

Paco's work has been recognised in several international competitions, including the top prizes in the 2004 Jean-Frederic Forest Foundation painting competition and the 2005 Port d'Aiguadolc painting competition. Today his works may be found in private collections in London, Spain, USA and Russia, as well as in the prolific European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona.


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