Mariela Garibay

Mariela Garibay (Lima, Peru, 1976) is a Peruvian sculptor who has exhibited extensively in Spain (including in Barcelona, Madrid and Zaragoza). She received her Bachelor in Arts Degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru in 2004, and a Masters in Urban Design from the University of Barcelona in 2008.

To Mariela, sculpture is the language an artist chooses to communicate through and the result of deep contemplation. The inspiration for her figurative sculptures are drawn from the world around her. She imbues what she sees and perceives with tenderness through her child-like characters. Her sculptures are indubitably positive and generous in spirit, immortalising moments of happiness captured in a single snapshot: meditative contemplation, happy memories, a smile and a surprise. They are a reflection of our deep and sincere enjoyment of the world we inhabit.

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