17 Jan 2015

Gender Politics, a Joint Exhibition by Jon Landa and Marc Figueras

To usher in 2015 with a contemplative exhibition that will steer the direction of the gallery for the rest of the year, Barnadas Huang will present “Gender Politics”, a joint exhibition between renowned mid-career artist Jon Landa, and the young but talented hyperrealist Marc Figueras.“Gender Politics” presents modernity and sexuality from two vastly different points of view, provoking and challenging the viewer by asking them to consider the ideas of conformity, assimilation and animal instinct whilst thinking about the difficult questions surrounding gender privilege, gender identity and gender inequality. 


Jon Landa’s semi-Impressionist paintings of savage animals are fused with a strong message: they are androgynous and human-like, presenting an alternative mirror to ourselves in a modern world.  A figurative painter who adopts a strong modern touch, Landa is celebrated for breathing life into his pieces, treating his wild subjects as if they were people.  


Rhino (2014), Oil on Canvas, 100 x 100 cm 


In contrast, Marc Figueras’ hyperrealistic and anonymous women in the city subtly raise questions on voyeurism in the modern world through the lens of the male gaze.  The women in his paintings are erased of their identities and personalities through the obscuring of their faces. Through this, he invites the viewer to project their own feelings and emotions onto the subject.  The anonymity heightens the expression, and the viewer is invited into the picture as if he were a spectator. 


Awakening in Barcelona (2014), Oil on Canvas, 65 x 81 cm 


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