14 Nov 2014

Muse: A Solo Exhibition by Didier Lourenco

To celebrate its first anniversary, Barnadas Huang will host a solo exhibition by one of its best-selling artists in Asia, Didier Lourenço.  
Born in the stunning seaside town of Premia de Mar in Spain, Lourenço is an artist whose pieces are romantic yet enigmatic, frequently capturing fleeting moments, connections and emotions he hopes to bottle and keep in real life.  Having built a following in Asia Pacific by exhibiting in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, Didier Lourenço’s first solo exhibition in South East Asia is titled “Muse” – an homage to the mysterious woman whose portraits and glances he has immortalised on canvas. 
While her identity is deliberately left unclear, Lourenço prompts the viewer to discover the essence of her character by offering hints and suggestions of her personality and life.  Lourenço refuses to contextualise his paintings, intentionally leaving most of the background and settings in his paintings ambiguous.  By doing so, he urges the viewer to build their own narrative around the muse, making her a part of their lives as much as she is a part of his.
Approximately 20 artworks are scheduled to be shown during this exhibition, with a quarter of them brand new pieces from his new “Invisibles” series, in which a collection of smaller portraits come together to reveal a larger hidden portrait of the muse.  To further emphasise the element of inspiration in the exhibition, a selection of songs chosen by the artist himself will accompany the exhibition.
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