28 Jun 2014

Territories of Peace

In its upcoming exhibition, “Territories of Peace”, steel sculptures of trees and marine life by Ponticu are juxtaposed against Romero’s naive and dreamlike landscapes. Together, both evoke a sense of adventure, serenity, aspiration and memories that emotionally transports the viewer to a playground of theirchildhood.
“On one hand, Rafael’s work centres on the qualities of daydream and exploration, and brings to mind a certain innocence. It reminds me of a game in the park, of wooden swords and toy ships, and undiscovered lands. On the other hand, Miguel’s strong and assertive sculptures root us to reality, with its sturdy trees and weightless birds,” explains Weiren Loh, the gallery director of Barnadas Huang. “The interaction between the artists prompts the viewer to consider how the sculptures and paintings interact with each other to create a space that is emotionally familiar.”
Making use of the ample natural light that floods the gallery, and the abundant greenery that lines Dempsey Road, the exhibition is planned to meld seamlessly with the outdoors to create an atmosphere of introspection and contemplation.  
The result? An exhibition that showcases Barnadas Huang’s trademark forte in curating a collection that blends opposing elements: nature and architecture, metal and canvas, East and West.
With 15 pieces from a 65 x 81 cm piece perfect for a new collector to a spectacular 90 x 200 cm centrepiece suited to living spaces and private collections, Romero’s pieces have entered museums in countries as far-flung as Spain and Japan such as the Marugame Hirai Museum of Art in Kagawa, Japan and the Casa Museo de Miguel Hernandez in Alicante, Spain.
One of Spain’s most celebrated sculptors, Ponticu’s sculpting career has revolved around four major groups of works: trees, humans, birds and fish. His commissioned pieces – some of which stand as high as 6 metres and weigh 25 tonnes – for public spaces in Spain have earned him significant public recognition. Ponticu will be showcasing 17 sculptures in the exhibition, with the pièce-de-resistance being a 89 x 83 x 50cm sculpture of a tree, titled “The Great Dry”.
The exhibition opens on 28 June 2014 and will run till early August 2014.
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