01 Dec 2013

Petite Formats Christmas 2013: My Love is so Far

This Christmas, Barnadas Huang is delighted to announce a joint mini-exhibition with Galeria Jordi Barnadas titled "Petite Formats".  
Every Christmas, Galeria Jordi Barnadas holds a very special exhibition, "Pequeno Formatos" ("Small Formats"), featuring small paintings measuring 27 x 27 cm by some of its best selling artists.  This year, we are glad to continue with the tradition by offering a selection of such paintings by 3 emerging artists on Galeria Jordi Barnadas' roster: Vanessa Linares, Vall Karsunke and Marc Jesus.
Vanessa Linares' paintings are characterised by her use of bright colours and anthropomorphic animals in forest settings.  Vall Karsunke's simple and deconstructed images draw inspiration from comic books and imbue them with his trademark style and evocative charm.  The women in Marc Jesus' paintings appear to be blue goddesses engaging in routine activities as if they led the most mundane of lives.
Petite Formats aims to keep this longstanding Christmas tradition alive and is perfect for those who are looking to start collecting art for the very first time.
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