01 Apr 2016

Pop Culture

What is Pop Art? Why is it so colourful? Who started it?


We take a quick look at this colourful and whimsical movement, and how Pop Art transformed from a Western movement to an Eastern one. In Asia, Pop Art was adopted and integrated into exciting localised movements such as the Superflat movement, which was pioneered by the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.


It has been a full circle since: now, we see European artists being inspired by the Superflat movement and integrating these Eastern pop influences into their works. This exhibition will feature works from European Pop Art painters, such as Vanessa Linares, Fillppo Bruno and Jordi Pinto.


Biodiversita (2015)


Enamel on Canvas

100 x 100 cm


Autumn Blue (2015)

Vanessa Linares

Acrylic on Canvas

89 x 116 cm


Siempre Hay Tiempo Para Ser Feliz (2015)

Jordi Pinto

Mixed on Canvas

50 x 200 cm