27 Mar 2014

Primavera en la ciudad

Our first group exhibition in 2014 is titled "Primavera en la ciudad", or "Spring in the City", with colourful and lively pieces by Didier Lourenço, Vanessa Linares, Jordi Pintó and Ramon Enrich.  All four artists were asked to interpret the season in their own unique ways, with free rein on the subject, mood and style. Together, they have produced a collection that depicts, in its entirety, different perspectives of the vigour and exuberance that accompany spring.
As one of our best-selling artists in Spain and Singapore, Didier Lourenço has painted a series of paintings inspired by the young love of an infatuated lover whose thoughts revolves around the woman of his dreams.  The emotions in his paintings are a breath of fresh air, infused with the universalism found in the first blooms of love.  
Vanessa Linares' new range of quirky paintings take on a more literal interpretation of spring, as animals - each of which symbolise a different aspect of humanity - gather to herald the end of winter, and to celebrate a season of fertility.  Heavily influenced by the Japanese surrealist art movement, her characters emerge from the chill of winter to herald the new life that comes with a new spring.
Jordi Pintó focuses on the city, with an impressive diptych of an island city overlooking the sea, and whose inhabitants are gathering on the rooftops in anticipation of the first peeks of spring, when trade begins.  With ships ready to dock, his new collection is infused with a deep insight of the machinations driving an urban city. 
Ramon Enrich's pieces for this exhibition are bathed in the gentle glow of spring, during which conical trees emerge from the ground and architectural structures dot a sparse landscape.  Considered by the artist as "the crossing of Versailles with your everyday vegetable garden," Ramon's pieces evoke images of both reality and surrealism, blending modernity and antiquity, east and west.
For further information on the exhibition, please contact us by email at or by phone at +65 6635 4707.
Nos Vemos (Didier Lourenco)
Nos Vemos (2013)
Didier Lourenco
Oil on Canvas
50 x 130cm
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