26 Sep 2015

Remain Calm by Leo Poloniecki

This exhibition charts a journey based on geometric forms which began in 2013. From monochrome works, to brightly coloured paintings, from flat surfaces, to rich brush strokes, from larger plains of colour, to busy areas of drawing and intersecting lines: within the rich landscape of geometry, Leo has found room to experiment with texture, form, line and colour to create a family of work made up of very distinct individual pieces.


Since the renaissance, artists and philosophers have been interested in the relationship between geometry and beauty. The perfect balance was often described as the Golden Mean (or Divine Proportion). This, Aristotle says, is the ideal balance between two extremes, one of excess and the other of deficiency. In Chinese philosophy a similar concept, the Doctrine of the Mean, was propounded by Confucius. And Buddhist philosophy has its version: the concept of the Middle Way.


In this exhibition, each painting contains its own story of a journey towards a balanced resolution – its unique “middle way”. Arriving at this point takes time, and the apparent simplicity of the finished works belies the sometimes long and complicated journey towards arriving there. For Leo, the feeling of resolution that comes with the completion of each painting is all the more satisfying because of the way they begin: with loose, free, purely spontaneous brushstrokes and charcoal lines.


Whatever the journey to arriving there, whatever the opposing forces which needed to be balanced, here is an exhibition of geometric works which invite the viewer to feel at peace: to remain calm. 


Tulip (2015)

Leo Poloniecki

Acrylic on Paper

70 x 100 cm

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