Past Exhibitions

  • What's in a city?
    01 Mar 2017 -31 May 2017

    We explore the interpretation of the city through the eyes of distinct artist styles and vision.

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  • Visible & Invisible
    20 Sep 2016 -04 Oct 2016

    In his second solo exhibition in Singapore, Didier Lourenco invites you to engage in the emotions and the visuals of love, through a series of work from 2010 to the present. His works charts the artist’s growth from his Mediterranean landscapes to his current and most recognised theme, the Muse.

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  • Pop Culture
    01 Apr 2016 -30 Apr 2016

    A quick look at the Asian and American influenced Pop Art movement through the lens of European painters.

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  • Spanish Realism
    26 Oct 2015 -30 Nov 2015

    By looking to the long heritage of Realism in Spain, contemporary artists continue to transcend the technical excellence of the realist style, and bring their own interpretation of Realism into a contemporary context. This group exhibition features works from some of our most popular artists and examines how their works reflect the sensibility of the Spanish Realist tradition.

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  • Remain Calm by Leo Poloniecki
    26 Sep 2015 -18 Oct 2015

    Since the renaissance, artists and philosophers have been interested in the relationship between geometry and beauty. The works presented in this exhibition is a product of an exploration of spontaneous brushstrokes and lines - resolving themselves, creating beauty through uncomplicated geometric forms. It invites viewer to contemplate on the process of painting and the final work presented.

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  • Affordable Art Fair Singapore Nov 2015
    12 Nov 2015 -15 Nov 2015

    Barnadas Huang returns to the Affordable Art Fair 2015 November edition set in the F1 Pit Building. Exciting line up of new works from your favorite artists gathered in one of Singapore's largest art fair.

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  • Affordable Art Fair Seoul
    10 Sep 2015 -13 Sep 2015

    Barnadas Huang is participating in the inaugural Affordable Art Fair Seoul, happening in one of Seoul's most cutting-edge exhibition venue, the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)

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  • Sur/Real
    30 Jun 2015 -15 Aug 2015

    Sur/real explores the pursuit of the viewer to explore what is hidden. It challenges the viewer to see beyond the painted canvas allowing the viewer creates a world that stretches beyond the surface of the canvas.

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  • A Universal Truth by Monica Dixon
    11 Apr 2015 -10 Jun 2015

    In “A Universal Truth”, Dixon explores the dichotomy between what we are and who we are. Through an adept manipulation of space and light, she builds a timeless world that is uninhabited by man or machine.

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  • Gender Politics, a Joint Exhibition by Jon Landa and Marc Figueras
    17 Jan 2015 -28 Feb 2015

    To usher in 2015 with a contemplative exhibition that will steer the direction of the gallery for the rest of the year, Barnadas Huang is proud to present “Gender Politics”, a joint exhibition between renowned mid-career artist Jon Landa, and the young but exceptionally talented Marc Figueras.

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  • The Family Tree by Vanessa Linares
    20 Dec 2014 -16 Jan 2015

    In Vanessa Linares' first solo exhibition in Asia, "The Family Tree", the artist examines relationships in different forms and colours. Through a series of works with white and black backgrounds, Vanessa, who is heavily inspired by Japanese manga, brings her own interpretation and understanding of the world around her to the canvas.

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  • Muse: A Solo Exhibition by Didier Lourenco
    14 Nov 2014 -20 Dec 2014

    To celebrate its first anniversary, the gallery will host a solo exhibition by one of its best-selling artists in Asia, Didier Lourenço. Born in the stunning seaside town of Premia del Mar in Spain, Lourenço is an artist whose pieces are romantic yet enigmatic, frequently capturing fleeting moments, connections and emotions he hopes to bottle and keep in real life.

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  • Elemental by Marta Moreu
    30 Sep 2014 -13 Nov 2014

    Combining beauty and myth with her trademark precision, Marta Moreu's sculptures represent powerful and show-stopping personifications elements and nature.

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  • Territories of Peace
    28 Jun 2014 -01 Aug 2014

    Barnadas Huang immerses its visitors in a meditative and solitary space in its summer exhibition, which features two of the most prolific artists in Spain: Rafael Romero and Miguel Ponticu.

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  • Affordable Art Fair Singapore May 2014
    22 May 2014 -25 May 2014

    Barnadas Huang participates in Affordable Art Fair Singapore May Edition 2014. See your favourite artists at one of Singapore's most exciting art fairs.

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  • Primavera en la ciudad
    27 Mar 2014 -05 Jun 2014

    Didier Lourenço, Vanessa Linares, Jordi Pintó and Ramon Enrich were asked to interpret spring in their own unique ways, with free rein on the subject, mood and style. Together, they have produced a collection that depicts, in its entirety, different perspectives of the vigour and exuberance that accompany spring.

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  • Blazing City: A Solo Exhibition by Ulpiano Carrasco
    16 Jan 2014 -18 Mar 2014

    Ulpiano Carrasco is one of the most recognisable artists in Spain, and whose works have been described as approximating modern Van Gogh paintings. His bold paintings are distinctly expressionist but tempered by a colourful Impressionist palette, and give life to traditional genres such as landscapes and still life.

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  • Petite Formats Christmas 2013: My Love is so Far
    01 Dec 2013 -15 Jan 2014

    This Christmas, Barnadas Huang is delighted to announce a joint mini-exhibition with Galeria Jordi Barnadas titled "Petite Formats" featuring paintings by 3 emerging Spanish artists: Vanessa Linares, Vall Karsunke and Marc Jesus.

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  • The Real Barcelona
    14 Nov 2013 -15 Jan 2014

    The Real Barcelona is an exhibition that presents current trends in contemporary European art, in which the modern styles and perspectives of the artists remain firmly rooted in grand European tradition.

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