27 Nov 2013

First Spanish Art Gallery In SE Asia Launches In Singapore

21 November 2013 – Last Thursday, Barnadas Huang opened its doors for the first time to present its inaugural exhibition, The Real Barcelona. Approximately 150 guests attended, with patrons from the Spanish, Brazilian and Polish Embassies. His Excellency the Ambassador of Spain, Mr Federico Palomera Gu╠łez, was the Guest of Honour.
Other esteemed guests included Ms Maria José Ramirez Rivas, the Cultural and Public Affairs Embassy Officer in Singapore, Mr Santiago Elorza Cavengt, the Economic and Commercial Counselor of Spain in Singapore and officials from the Spanish and Catalan Tourism Offices in Singapore.
The launch was kicked off with a speech by the His Excellency the Ambassador of Spain, who spoke about Spain and its illustrious artistic history, from Goya and Velasquez to modern masters like Dalí, Picasso and Miró. He placed Barnadas Huang as a bridge between Spain and Singapore that would increase interest in Spanish art.
The Real Barcelona comprises 34 pieces of art by nine established Spanish artists. Several pieces of art were sold during, and even before, the launch, with several more reserved by local and international buyers. The gallery has also received several requests for specially-commissioned pieces.
“The opening of Barnadas Huang marks one of the happiest days of my life. Barcelona is one of the most vibrant and artistic cities in the world and it is great to see a good mix of the local and international community present at the event,” said Jordi Barnadas, the owner of Galeria Jordi Barnadas. “The opening reception was representative of the Barnadas Huang brand: cosmopolitan, international and open but always remaining warm, cosy and intimate.”
Said Abigail Wong, one of Jordi’s Singapore partners for Barnadas Huang, “The opening of Barnadas Huang has made waves in the Spanish and Catalan art market at a time when the European art market remains sluggish due to the Euro crisis. The Barnadas model is seen as an injection of energy into the Spanish and Catalan art market and represents a new model of expansion for international art galleries in an increasingly globalised world. We are proud to be a part of this venture.”
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