02 Jan 2014

A Whole New City

Our next exhibition, "Blazing City" by Ulpiano Carrasco has been covered by Nylon Singapore.  The write-up states:
"You've got the concrete-jungle City of Dreams, New York City; every romantic's dream, the City of Light, Paris; and now... a Blazing City as well, at least, in the eyes of celebrated Spanish artist Ulpiano Carrasco. Even if you're not exactly clued in to his name, you won't fail to recognise the subject of his works: our very own Singapore skyline.

His deft hands work their magic with strokes of expressionism and impressionism, capturing the energy of our modern cityscape with his signature vivid style. Think saturated reds, yellows and jewel hues that look almost like eye-popping negatives. Oh, and it reminds us of a certain prolific painter too: Vincent Van Gogh. Carrasco, an artist whose work regularly graces museums and private collections worldwide, was inspired by the story our small island's huge development – especially at Marina Bay, which he feels is the site of transformation.


You can try your hand at spotting-the-landmark at the solo exhibition, Blazing City, which starts from 16 January – just take a trip down to Barnadas Huang, a gallery at Dempsey. And if you have cash to spare, the Singapore gallery will also put eight of the paintings up for sale, with prices starting from $18,000 for smaller works to $55,000 for the starring piece.

Enough of the generic pictures of famous landmarks – Empire State Building and Eiffel Tower, you say? We're much better off admiring the beauty of our own city."


For further information, please click on the following link: http://www.nylon.com.sg/read-news-5-0-1671-a-whole-new-city.nylon.singapore