02 Oct 2013

Art For Everyone: The Official Launch Of Barnadas Huang


2 October 2013, SINGAPORE – This November, Galeria Jordi Barnadas – an influential and reputable name in the vibrant Spanish art scene – is pleased to announce the opening of Barnadas Huang, its sister gallery, in Singapore. His Excellency Mr Federico Palomera Güez, the Spanish Ambassador to Singapore, will be the Guest of Honour at the gallery’s media launch on 14 November 2013.


Made possible through the combined efforts of Jordi Barnadas and the Singapore partners of Barnadas Huang, Abigail Wong and Benjamin Ng, the gallery will offer contemporary European art that is specially curated and tailored for new and veteran art collectors in the Southeast Asian region.


Galeria Jordi Barnadas, which was founded in 1992, is recognised for its commendable roster of strong, emerging artists. It focuses on exhibiting original paintings and sculptures by emerging and established contemporary European artists and has transformed itself into a benchmark for young figurative artists in Spain. Its aim of extending fine art to the public at reasonable prices has been one of the key ingredients in the gallery’s formula for success.


Many of the artists represented by Galeria Jordi Barnadas, such as Fernando Adam, Jesus Curia, Joan Longas, Didier Lourenco, Marc Jesus, Maria Perello and Gabriel Schmitz, have all gone on to achieve international success.


“Betting on Singapore is betting on a young, emerging, powerful and culturally interesting market. Therefore, Barnadas Huang will be a prominent, dynamic, open and socially integrated gallery that will enrich the contemporary European art scene in Singapore. Barnadas Huang as a gallery will unite tradition and modernity, East and West,” said Jordi Barnadas, the founder of Galeria Jordi Barnadas.


Built on the shared philosophy that art can and should be enjoyed by everyone, Barnadas Huang seeks to make good art available and accessible to all. The 1500-sq-feet of exhibition space seeks to redefine the appreciation of art into one that caters to the diverse palates of both young and seasoned collectors.


Benjamin Ng, Singapore partner of Barnadas Huang, concurred, saying, “We have always been firm believers in two core principles: first, that good art should always be available to everyone, and second, that a gallery cannot exist in a vacuum. Barnadas Huang aims to engage the community as it establishes its identity as a leading gallery of contemporary art in Southeast Asia that truly blends the best of both worlds.”


Abigail Wong, also the Singapore partner of Barnadas Huang, added, “We brought Galeria Jordi Barnadas to Singapore because we thought there was a gap in the market when it came to contemporary European art. The artists that we carry are doubtless of a very high quality and have entered museums and other high-profile private collections in Spain. Our philosophy of offering fine art at reasonable prices is consonant with our aim of catering to seasoned art collectors, as well as cultivating a new generation of young art collectors in Southeast Asia.”


The gallery, located at 22 Dempsey Road, will mark its official launch with an inaugural art exhibition that will showcase the best pieces from some of Galeria Jordi Barnadas' most established artists. Titled “The Real Barcelona”, the exhibition centres on the genre of realism and features artwork from artists whose talents have matured over the last few years and who are starting to establish themselves as real presences in Spain.


“The Real Barcelona” will be open to the public from 14 November to 13 January 2014. Opening hours are from 11 am to 8 pm on weekdays, 10 am to 8 pm on Saturdays and from 10 am to 6 pm on Sundays and public holidays. Private appointments are also available upon request.


For event RSVPs and all other press enquiries, please contact:


Hazel Joanne

Senior Executive, Public Relations


65-6435 0624