21 Dec 2013

Spanish Petite Paintings Make Their Debut In Singapore

Our Petite Formats exhibition has been featured prominently in Lianhe Zaobao, the largest Singapore-based Chinese language newspaper.  The article states that Petite Formats, as a mini-exhibition, brings warmth and romance to Singapore.  The Spanish magic brought by these paintings showcase the different facets of Spanish creativity using different themes, subjects, and styles.
Benjamin Ng, one of the founders of the gallery is cited saying, "The South East Asian region has displayed a very strong interest in our pieces and the buyers here have strong purchasing power.  But we believe that good artwork should also remain affordable so that everyone can enjoy art."
He adds, "Every painting has a story of its own, and the simplicity of the paintings connect easily with children.  Like the characters in children stories, the personifications in the artwork are not strangers to the child within."